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 August 2001: New Revised Fifth Edition of the Disability Workbook for Social Security Applicants sent to printer.

May 25, 2000: New Fifth Edition of the Disability Workbook for Social Security Applicants released.

June 17, 1999: Two new announcements about SSA are added to the HOME page, SSA LETS DISABILITY BENEFICIARIES EARN MORE MONEY and SSA ISSUES NEW GUIDANCE ON CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME: SOCIAL SECURITY RULING 99-2P. A new How To article, THREE PRINCIPLES FOR HANDLING OVERPAYMENTS, is added to the Free Resources section. A new article by Barbara W. Smith, INTRODUCING BARBARA BLACK ..., is added to the Free Resources section.

March 21, 1999: Disability Insurance Work Incentives May Improve in 1999 is added to the Free Resources section. Descriptions and an order form for the most Popular Pds Disability Facts Back Issues are added to the Pds Disability Facts newsletter section. The URL for the American Red Cross Web site has been updated.

February 12, 1999: PREPARING AND SHARING: Responding to any "Year 2000" emergency is added to the Free Resources section. Social Security Disability Outline is updated. The price of Disability Evaluation in a Nutshell is updated. The address for the Interstitial Cystitis Association is corrected.

December 31, 1998: The January Special!, a special $4 discount on a one year subscription to Pds Disability Facts newsletter when you subscribe in January 1999 and mention our new web site on your order (www.disabilityfacts.com), was added.

December 11, 1998: The CFIDS/M.E./FMS Information Ring and DAWN: Disabilities Awareness Webring Network are added to the HOME page and Web Links page.

November 29, 1998: "Social Security to Review One-fifth of Disability Beneficiaries in '99" is added to the How To Articles in the Resources section.

November 22, 1998: Printable order forms are added. Links to FindLaw are added to the Web Links page.

October 27, 1998: The Pds Disability Facts Web site is uploaded to the World Wide Web.

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