Your needs are paramount, especially if you have family!

Promptly establish your right to disability benefits, and make sure you continue receiving them. It’s hard work. Use the Disability Workbook for Social Security Applicants to help get your benefits without delay and assure that you keep getting them while you can’t work.

Keep up your skills!

It’s a good idea to keep up your financial planning or writing skills. These will be very helpful to steer you through the times of limited resources or when you have to submit written reports for disability benefits!

Adapt with new tools!

Employ new tools to extend your abilities. For example, tablet computers are light, portable, and good not only for entertainment, but things like studies, research, dictation, and speech enhancement.

Refresh yourself!

Recreation can keep you sharp and motivated. Follow our blog for ideas.

Doctor recommended exercise doesn't mean loss of benefits!

If you have been told to get in regular exercise, don’t shy away from it out of fear you’ll lose disability benefits. The SSA benefits are for those who are unable to do regular and sustained work.

We’re here to help you prove your disability to SSA.

When people apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits on the Internet or in person, they encounter forms and questions that are hard to understand.  Instructions furnished by the Social Security Administration (SSA) answer some questions but not all. So applicants fill in blanks as best they can. Most fail to obtain benefits.

The remedy? It is important to answer Social Security disability questions in a way that is most meaningful to government decision makers. Most people don’t think or talk that way.

Our Disability Workbook for Social Security Applicants helps you express the facts of your disability in terms that Social Security decision makers readily understand. It helps you communicate the reality of your work limitations, saves time for the government decision maker and helps you complete the government forms accurately.

Frankly, it’s extra work to complete the Worksheets of our Disability Workbook, but they make your disability extra clear and usually move your application more quickly to decision.

Also, in the Disability Workbook we describe Social Security “work incentives” that include ways can return to work without suddenly losing benefits. We continue to study ways people can even more simply employ their current capabilities without endangering access to their SSDI benefits.

The Disability Workbook can help you achieve your goals!

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We offer free resources to help you on your road to autonomy and confidence in dealing with short term and long term disability questions and needs. Please continue to check back here often as we continually update these resources.

Books to Purchase

We offer several books we’ve written that will help you understand the disability maze and to find the help you need. We also will link to other books we’ve found that are a great help, so check back often.

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