A Helping Hand

helping hand

A graphic Disability Workbook

To download book click here or on the book image. Explains the Social Security disability program with pictures. Shows what to do and not do.

Authored by a novel three person team: a disability lawyer, graphic artist, and comic book writer, who have created an accessible, user-friendly introductory guide for folks new to the disability application process or folks who are just baffled by papers and forms. Attorney Doug Smith says, “Helping Hand is a concise illustration of how to get started, or how to help a friend or spouse document important details that will secure Social Security Disability Benefits sooner rather than later.”Ten large-type pages of words and pictures, plus six useful “Factsheets” that help you organize your case.

Download this e-book for $5, and win benefits more easily.

Click here to view sample pages. (155 KB pdf file)
Click here for sample Factsheets. (88 KB pdf file)